We produce for you with the slogan of Halal Gelatin for the World. We serve many well-established organizations in global markets, grow stronger by following world standards, and become a pioneer in the sector with innovations. Even if we are affected by the conditions of the day, we never reflect this to our quality. We use first class materials and never compromise on hygiene and customer satisfaction. FIRST IN TURKEY
All of Turkey’s first producing hygienic Halal Gelatin Manufacturing Process Fira we do indoors, our business always open to audit their suppliers. OUR QUALITY AND FOOD SAFETY POLICY
As Bursa Gelatin, “Quality product, quality service is success.” We produce Gelatin with the principle of producing Gelatin in accordance with national and international standards, legal requirements, in hygienic environments, under the control of food engineers until the product is delivered to the customers. We aim to be a pioneer and an example in the sector by continuously improving our quality management and food safety systems by believing in the necessity of unconditional customer satisfaction with our trained staff. Our goal is to increase the quality of products and services in the sector in a global competitive environment. Burjel Gelatin produces in accordance with Tse, İso, Brc, Global Food Safety Standards.