Bursa Jelatin


Gelatin successfully produces the number one factor of soft candies from the age of 7 to 70 all over the world. Because gelatin makes gummy bears shiny, crystal clear and elastic. Gelatin also gives great taste to the palate along with its fat reduction benefits.
Bursa Jelatin


Collagen is a well-structured source of functional peptides with biological activity. As functional foods, collagen peptides have been shown to perform important physiological functions that have a positive effect on health. Collagen is the three main components of your skin.
Bursa Jelatin


Used to produce hard and soft capsules, gelatin also plays an important role as a binder in tablets, vitamin storage and coating. All these applications make gelatin one of the brightest ingredients of pharmaceutical companies.

Our Principles

Edible gelatin or collagen producing high-value products such as hydrolysates and in particular having an innovative structure in the food industry BURSA Gelatin, integrating and developing new products and different sectors is a company that aims to improve the competitiveness in the world market of Turkey.
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We Apply Reasonable Price Policy in Our Professional Service and Products
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As Bursa Gelatin, we call you a family, not a customer.
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Bursa Gelatin is in the Principle of Being the Strategic Partner of Your e Company.
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As Bursa Gelatin, we have the best and most professional colleagues in the sector.


Gelatin is a protein substance. Gelatin is derived from collagen, which is found in mammalian tissue, at the junctions of muscles and bones and other organs, and in the skin. It makes production from the skin, bone and connective tissue of animals with long production processes. There are 2 different production processes to obtain gelatin; acid and alkali method. To obtain gelatin, collagen undergoes alkaline hydrolysis (type B gelatin) or acid hydrolysis (type A gelatin).

Gelatin itself is a macro molecule with many important benefits. The most important is gel strength. And it also provides melt temperatures and viscosity adjustment. However, with the formation and stabilization of foams and emulsions, the pH and isoelectric point have an important value. Gelatin can make clear and transparent solutions that warm the gel when cooled and melted. Gelatin increases the viscosity of products and acts as a buffer. Gelatin can also form films and surfaces.



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